Classic America is found in Litchfield county

Susie Dunne & Jeffrey Berg

There was a time in this country where everything was once very simple. A time where families gathered around after dinner to play board games. A time when the old world, was starting to meet the new world. They were perhaps the greatest times in American history. A life that was not only easy, but less of a rush than the lives that we live today. In the modern world, it is hard to find such places that can remind us of the good old days, but here in Litchfield county, we are fortunate enough to have fine folks such as Susie Dunne & Jeffrey Berg who own H.A. Dunne and Co. in New Milford. If you want to take a step back in time, this is just the place for you. It is where nostalgia really comes alive! From the moment you walk in, you can’t help but to notice the abundance of nostalgic photos of New York City and old magazine covers like the Saturday Evening Post, which is a personal favorite of mine being a huge Norman Rockwell fan.

If you are in search of original photography, this really isn’t the place. H.A. Dunne is all about remaking photography through a collection of negatives, which were collected from Susie’s father over the years. Even still, you cant help but to love the remakes! If you were ever in need of  something to cover up a bare wall in your home, this is most definitely the place that you need to check out. Did you know that prints are as low as nine dollars? I can’t think of too many places that work out to fit my budget and offer up something that is not only unique, but a classic as well. I had the opportunity to tour this snazzy place with Jeffrey who offers such an incredible wealth of knowledge. In fact, Jeffrey is also an author and has one book published happily titled “Millers’ Tales”, which you can purchase directly from him at the store. He credits his many hours spent on the train commuting back and forth from Manhattan that got him started on his novel.

Touring the store, you simply will not believe all of the great finds that I found, such as a book that is one of a very copies released that depicts the building of the Empire State Building. Did you know it was built in less than 14 months? Other interesting finds included an old Subway light and old street maps of New York City. This isn’t all New York City though, H.A. Dunne also offers old maps from the New Milford area as well. In fact, while I was there I had discovered that the large metal bridge on Route 202 that crosses over to Route 7 used to be an old toll bridge.

While we can’t rewind the times in live back when America was a simple place to live, we can revisit those years through nostalgic pictures that depict exactly what we are missing out on today; life. For so many of us, life is nothing but a blur as we go about our day-to-day lives. Often times, we don’t even have time to gather around the dinner table anymore or even catch up with old friends face to face. Computers are the norm in the modern world, but places such as H.A. Dunne make you stop to ask yourself “Is all this rushing really worth it?”.

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