Thanksgiving dinner from the farm

I am a firm believer in just about anything local. Those mom and pop stores of ours are really doing all that they could to help bring back our local economies and turn around our Main Streets. One local company is doing just that, and they are hoping that you will buy your Thanksgiving dinner from them. The Meat House, located in Avon and Newtown, is ready to serve up a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family, as they bring you some of the freshest food directly from local farms. It’s a great partnership that they have as they help many of these farmers, many of them our neighbors, become successful.

Today, now more than ever, it is important to help out our neighbors who work tirelessly to serve their communities. When it comes to farming, one can only imagine how tiring it can all become. Still though, they are more than eager to put food on your table this Thanksgiving and I must say seeing some of their food showcased at the store in Avon, it all really looks quite delicious! Two types of turkeys are offered up, both of which are fresh and all natural from Plainville Farms and Bell & Evans that are raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. You can select anywhere from 10-24 pounds of turkey, which will be quite delicious when you add all the fixings such as cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, and my personal favorite, sweet potatoes!

Of course, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a little desert. The Meat House isn’t all about meat. You’ll love their dessert selection such as beautiful freshly baked pies, just like your grandmother used to make, from American Pie in Simsbury. These pies are just too delicious to keep a secret and you’ll love the fact that you can brag about these pies which were made by your Connecticut neighbors to family and friends traveling to the area.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving. I can just picture those close in my life gathered around the table as we are enjoying all of this delicious farm fresh food made locally, which is helping out our neighbors who have worked so tirelessly to bring us all of this great food, as I too would hope I have done my part to make their Thanksgiving just as great.

Here’s to not forgetting our neighbors this holiday season.


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