Nordstrom Rack Opens in Connecticut!

Have you been to the hottest new store in Connecticut yet? Nordstrom Rack, the budget friendly alternative to the high end sister store Nordstrom, recently opened it’s doors just blocks away from the Westfarms Mall in the Westfarms Shopping Plaza. It’s hip, it’s trendy, and even better its easy on the wallet. I first heard about the grand opening event last week through my Pandora. When it opened it’s doors to the public, I knew it just had to be worth the look.

If you’ve ever been to Nordstrom, you know it’s not a store you would shop everyday. It’s a high end luxury retailer that’s big on brand names and not big on savings. “The Rack”, as it is most commonly referred to, changes that perception in an instant the moment you walk through the door. Expensive brand name jewelry awaits you right near the front entrance. $300 sunglasses can now be found here for under $50! Consider “The Rack” the luxury twin of TJMaxx, but don’t you dare ever call it that. While prices aren’t as cheap as TJMaxx it is extremely cheap in comparison to the Nordstrom in the mall.

You can find nearly everything you buy at Nordstrom here. From men’s clothes all the way to those cute stilettos you’ve always wanted. You can’t go wrong when you’re shopping “The Rack”!

The only thing missing? Sorry, there’s no cafe here.


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