A winery the Pilgrims would be proud of

In the true spirit of a wino on the road, I just had to research where the nearest winery was in the vicinity to where I am staying here in the greater Boston area. To my surprise, I didn’t have to drive far to get access to some of the best the area has to offer.

1620 Winery & Wine Bar in Plymouth, MA is a winery that even the pilgrims who landed there in 1620 would be proud of. With its flavorful blends like the Apple Blossom, Perfect Pear, or even the Blueberry Breeze, you’ll be hard pressed to discover a wine you weren’t content with.

The Blueberry Breeze was perhaps my personal favorite. With a fruit forward wine of the perfect balance of sweet yet subtle as the blueberry flavor bursts into your mouth, it’s no question this is the right kind of sipping wine for a summer night.

Those Pilgrims landed at the right rock.


While you’re sipping the day away, the sights and sounds of Plymouth are all around you during the summer. The smell of fresh seafood lingers in the distance from many of the surrounding restaurants as you enjoy some time on the 1620 Winery & Wine Bar patio, complete with couches for added comfort and live music to keep you entertained as you work your way onto your next glass.

There’s always room for one more glass.

Don’t forget to grab some delicious tapas to pair with your wine. 1620 has carefully selected pairing boards of meats and cheeses, all from right here in New England, that will work well with whatever wine that you choose as you carefully make your next move to any one of the amazing restaurants in downtown Plymouth.

And you thought Plymouth just had a rock.




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