Get the most out of life with a roadmap

You aren’t getting any younger.

That’s a line that sticks out to me as I wander through life. So many of us go about our day to day lives trying to figure out where exactly we want to end up. We always say theres next year, but is there really?

So many things can throw a monkey wrench into your plan.

If you aren’t satisfied with your life today, well, don’t wait until tomorrow to fix it. Today is the day you were meant to build your roadmap and achieve the life that you want. If you continue to keep putting things off tomorrow, you’ll eventually run out of tomorrows.

Cold hard truth, right?

The life we want to live is sometimes easier to achieve than we think. In fact, we sometimes overthink just a little too much, and this causes us to never be able to achieve our dreams.

The number one thing we can do in order to live the best life posisble is to live life with a solid plan. We float through life just expecting things to come to us, but here is a spoiler alert; life doesn’t work that way. If you want something, you have to plan a way to get it. Much like budgeting your bank account, you must budget your life accordingly by what you can achieve today, and what you need in order to achieve the goals of tomorrow.

Five years ago, I purchased a workbook I happened to discover at a local Starbucks labeled ‘The Five Year Plan’. Within this workbook, I was able to outline exactly where I wanted to be over a five year period. It took me about two solid months to work on as I jotted down notes which eventually lead to a nicely outlined roadmap of where I saw myself in five years.

As I’ve wandered through life, I used this book as a navigational tool to lead me to career paths and living situations that I desired to achieve. While it’s really no surprise, to date since starting the workbook, I’m about 95% to where I want to be at this stage in life.

Could we travel through life without a plan? Sure, but much like a checking account that could end up dry from overspending, you may want to budget your life before you hit too many overdrafts.

Where will your life plan take you?


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