Off to Maine!

Ah, the land of lobsters and clam chowder is calling my name after all these years.

There’s just one small problem. I’m allergic to it. All of it. I can’t have seafood, and I’m off to the land that’s famous for it!

I have only ever been to Maine with as much as I can count on one hand. It’s not a place I’ve frequented throughout my travels here in New England. Growing up, we would always flock to Vermont and New Hampshire like many from the greater NYC area do being that it’s an easier reach, and besides, from what I know there’s really not a whole lot in Maine.

Or is there?

Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

That will be something I will be discovering along on my journey as I venture northward this week as I’ll be in the area for work. I’m looking forward to checking places off of my bucket list. While I’m not entirely sure of what my work schedule will truly look like just yet, I do know that the weekends will be a time for me to get the hiking boots out and hit some trails. I compiled a list of places over the weekend that I want to cross off while I’m in the area for three weeks, and I can’t wait to fill you all in on the adventures.

Lets hope that one of them isn’t from a hospital bed because I couldn’t contain myself from craving a wicked good lobster roll.


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