Tips on how to improve your Monday morning routine

There’s just no question that Monday mornings are rough. You have an alarm clock that’s going off waking you up out of the slumber of your life as you’re recovering from a long weekend and suddenly you find yourself stumbling around the kitchen chugging cups of coffee with one eye open.


There is a way to lessen the burden of Monday’s, however, and it starts with how well you prepare for it on Sunday.

Yes, Sunday.

I have a routine that I follow pretty religiously that encourages a pretty smart approach to the way I start off my day after that dreaded alarm goes off, and it does not involve throwing my phone across the room in hopes that it will somehow change the fact that I still have to get out of bed anyways.

Sunday Evening

  • Meditate: It is so important to prepare for the work week ahead by mentally preparing yourself that the weekend has come to a close. You cannot simply just jump from fun to run.
  • Gather your lists: You’ll have a lot that you want to accomplish for the week ahead. If you gather all of your thoughts earlier in the week, it will help you to better organize and plan ahead of time rather than trying to figure out what to do first. Sunday night is absolutely the night to do this!
  • Your wardrobe needs preparing, too: Stop cramming everything into your morning routine! Iron/Steam out your clothes the night before. You need some time for yourself this morning, and ironing is not it!
  • Watch the clock: Ensure that you head to bed at an appropriate time that will allow for you to get a good eight-hours of rest. No one wants to run into you Monday morning when you look as though you want to crawl back into bed, plus you need to be able to function.

Monday Morning

  • Rise and Shine: No, seriously. Shine. Wake up with music that is uplifting. That normal alarm clock sound? Hit it with a hammer.
  • Start your day 30 minutes earlier: I have always found that if I start my Monday morning just a little bit earlier, I’m in a slightly better mood since I have made more time for myself. Waking up 30 minutes before you have to be at work is not ideal.
  • Yoga/Meditation: Speaking of all the extra time for yourself, don’t forget about your mental health! A good meditation session after stretching out my muscles with yoga is critical for me so that I can have a well balanced mind.
  • Beautify: If you look good, you’ll feel even better. Never skip your beauty routine because you are running late. Remember, one day your skin will thank you!

Hopefully some of these tips will be able to help you out. Living your best life 365 days a year isn’t possible if you’re not dilligently making the best of your daily routines. Remember, Monday mornings may be tough, but they don’t have to be. It’s all about how well you foster your routine, and all about your mindset. You’re inching closer to Friday, and even closer to your next exploration for the weekend.

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