Preparing to climb to the top of the northeast

Have you ever really just wanted to do something bold and out of the ordinary?

That’s a summary of my life everyday, though it gets particularly worse right around the cusp of my birthday. I absolutely live for the thrill of adventure and exploration. In fact, someone once told me I should sit still for a while once, and in the moment I had a vision of hiking New Englands highest peak, so I booked a trip to do just that.


I depart for the White Mountains on Wednesday morning, bright and early. I’ve booked a travel package with the Appalachian Mountain Club at one of the lodges that are nearby the mountain. The experience, from reviews, is pretty darn cool. It is like camping for adults. Bunkbeds and crashing with strangers while you map out your day over complimentary breakfast and later share your experience over an open fire.

This is the kind of stuff that really gets me worked up.

As I chalk up this column, I’m mapping out which trails I’d like to take to get to the summit of the famed Mount Washington; the highest peak in the northeast coming in at 6,288 feet and home to some of the worlds worst weather.

I’ve been to this mountain a handful of times, but I have never hiked it. I’ve driven, taken a train, even took a snowcat to it’s summit. This will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience that I am looking forward to by all accounts. I’ve been preparing for this challenge both physically and mentally all summer, and I am happy to report that I am ready to tackle the top of New England.

I’ll be live blogging my experience through the way, so stay tuned here for continuous updates.



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