Autumn is coming, and you better be ready

I am beyond excited for the changing of the seasons to begin. It has been a long summer here in New England, and I think we’re all about ready for it to change.

Like, right now. C’mon, leaves, you can do it. Change colors already!

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. You know what else is my favorite thing about Autumn? All the fun that comes with it!

Bath & Body Works


Need I really say more? The candles, the body lotions, the home fragrances, even the shower gels all smell like apples and pumpkins. In fact, I’ve already stocked up on some great home fragrances that smell like Autumn. Am I obsessed with this store during this time of year? My weekly visits say enough. Yes, I said weekly!

Don’t judge me. You know you do it too. Maybe not weekly, but you’re pretty close I bet!

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte)

I mean, hello, what’s better than wrapping yourself with a sweater and jumping in a pile of leaves while sipping on the very flavor of Autumn? Just don’t drop that latte while you’re jumping in those leaves. It’s like, $5 you know.


Apple Picking!

Okay, so as a New Englander at heart, I love to drive out to some of my favorite local orchards here in the Connecticut countryside and climb apple trees. I mean, I’m short so I really can’t reach a tree. I know that all the best apples really grow right by the tip top, and the sooner I get my hands on them, the sooner I can waddle out with a barrel to bring back home to bake that apple pie smothered in vanilla ice cream.


Have I made you hungry yet? C’mon, Autumn, work with me here. I’m craving you!

The Mountains

The hillllllllls are alive…….without the sound of music. Actually, I think they’re dying. The leaves are dropping so theres that. In any case, the mountains in New England become quite vibrant and start to look like pastel paintings. Last year, I took some 5,000 photos just of this season alone. Maybe 10,000 will be this years goal? My poor phone.


Can we take a moment to realize just how blessed we are to live in New England? I mean, where else can you really embrace such a wonderful season? Not in Florida, that’s for sure. It’s all green. All year. Even Santa is forced to wear shorts while dropping off gifts.

Embrace the season, and oh by the way, it’s about 40 days away from ski season.





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