Grab your planner!

Everything you want in life starts with a plan.


No, you’re not going to become some millionaire overnight just by selling at home products or playing the lottery every day of your life. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? That! That is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

I mean, how many times are you going to buy that scratch ticket?

Listen. I get it. You want a life well lived. You cannot achieve it by spinning in circles with no solid foundation.  It’s crazy talk! It’s kind of like, making your favorite meal without all the ingredients.

Grab your planner and lets get to work.

Oh, so you don’t have one of those. Well, follow along anyways.

If you’re operating your life without a planner, I encourage you to get a hold of one or have something that will help you to design your life. Having a planner is essential in living the Borderless life because put very simply, if you want to achieve success you have to wake up and achieve it, and one cannot do that if they’re just scratching scratch tickets all day hoping something will come of.

Plan your life!

Each month, I take out my planner and start looking at all the different days that are laid out in front of me. If I were an artist, this would look like a big empty canvas. Wait, IT IS ONE BIG EMPTY CANVAS!


Each month is a time to start fresh, and pending that it’s not a leap month, you have roughly thirty whole days to achieve what you want. Something I will normally go ahead and do is come up with a goal that I want to achieve by the end of each week. This goal helps to catapult me to my overall goal for the month and that is broken down daily by a number of fundamental actions.

Having a goal set for each day is easier than just saying “Hey, I want to lose 50 pounds this month!”. Okay, cool!! So, how are you going to do that? I mean, are you just going to consume your time in the bathroom?

You really have to have a plan for everything you want to achieve in life. That’s why a daily agenda is so important to have. It’s an ingredient that you need to achieve your overall results.

If by chance by daily goals do not get accomplished and I’m in the middle of the week noticing a downward spiral trend, I  do not try to play catch up the next day. Stress is the number one cause for heart attacks don’t you know. I mean, why stress yourself out so much when you may suffer one of those and never see your goal?

What I will normally do is take a notepad out and focus on the task at hand. What can I do instead of what I now have piled in front of me that will help me to achieve the same goal? Remember those bubble things in school? You know, the ones where you had one large bubble around a word then you drew all these lines out to all these other smaller words with bubbles? Turns out, it actually comes in handy! I use this practice consistently when I see things going south. It helps me to see the overall picture, then I can update my planner a bit to reflect that.

Celebrating success is important.

Oh, don’t you dare forget this part. The only way you’re ever really going to ever keep achieving your goals is by celebrating success. Remember how good you felt when you finally won something off of that scratch ticket like one time after you’ve been scratching them for years? You need to have that same feeling when you achieve even the smallest set goals! Celebrate with a night out or maybe treat yourself to a little spa getaway. Whatever it is, do not forget to celebrate.

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