Everyone can budget for travel

I know I have a unique opportunity.

I have what is pretty close to a dream job where I have the ability to live life out on the road spending my days and nights in extended stay hotels while at the same time getting to explore the area that I’m staying in thanks to my totally awesome company.

There was a time, however, like many of you I had a passion to travel all the time and I rarely spent any of my time at home.

Why do you ask?

What do you mean why?!? You’re reading a travel blog of course you shouldn’t be asking why! Travel is awesome, that’s why. Who’s got the time to sit at home on the couch watching the latest Game of Thrones while you could be out discovering the world?

Okay, so Game of Thrones is awesome. I get it. Actually, no, I don’t. I’ve never watched an episode, but I totally understand your love connection to television shows!

I’ve always been asked, before my current job, how I had the ability to afford such a lifestyle of traveling around New England stopping off at all these fine dining establishments that I loved to blog about.

It gets expensive! No doubts about it. No secret there!

How I did it though was by consistently paying myself first. If you don’t put money into your 401k, IRA, or a savings account (kudos to all three!), you’re not living right. In order to afford the ability to travel, you have to budget for it. You have to plan out all of your finances in the beginning of the month. Most of us know what we get for paychecks, and it really should come as no surprise to how much your monthly bills are.

So, where does that leave the rest of your money?


You have to pay yourself first, so before you even get that direct deposit into your checking account, you should already know that your savings vehicles have been paid into. With that said, what is sitting in your checking account is the additional money that you have left to spend, also known as play money! This is the money that should be budgeted in for travel, food, gas, etc. My life has always been dependent on experiences, not things. The more you fill your world with materials, the more weighed down it becomes.

Travel lightly friends!

You don’t need a cushy job to afford the ability to travel. You need the right amount of allocation. When I said pay yourself first, I meant it. My strategy has always been I won’t miss money that I didn’t know existed which is why I have automatic savings plans and it all comes directly out of my direct deposit. I never see the money! That’s paying yourself first. With this strategy, you can now see what you truly have left over, without too much to worry. If you spend your money on experiences rather than things, I think you’ll find that you’ll be doing pretty well.

Okay. You can return to Game of Thrones now. Is it still on?

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