No season is complete without a visit to Kringle Candle

Nothing says Autumn in New England quite like a good candle.

When you’re working to bring the scents of the season indoors, it’s a pretty good bet that a candle is going to help you do just that.

One of my favorite destinations to go on a candle shopping spree is Kringle Candle, located just south of the Vermont border in a little town called Bernardston, Massachusets. Kringle was founded by the son of the founder of Yankee Candle, and it goes to show that the apple never falls far from the tree.

Speaking of apples, back to the scents of the season.


Kringle offers up an array of seasonal scents to get you in the mood to bake some apple pies while you’re scoffing down that pumpkin spice latte.

On my most recent venture, I discovered scents such as the Apple Pumpkin, Autumn Harvest, a Covered Bridge, and even the simple scent of Leaves. If scents like these don’t get you into the spirit of the season than I’m not sure what will.


While you’re discovering the candles at Kringle, it is worth noting that thier store is not only a store but also an experience. Leaving the main shopping area, you eventually enter an area of kitchen and cooking scents followed by scents of the beach, Christmas, and the mens scents. Each category a perfect little shop that intrigues decorating styles centered around the candles.


Oh, but that’s not all that Kringle delivers. Did I mention there is fudge? 

In fact, there is more than just fudge. There’s a whole village! Just across the street from the main store is the Chocolate Cottage, the Country Barn, and my personal favorite, The Farm Table restaurant which is a true farm to fork experience. Not only that, but be sure to swing by for an even better martini or fine glass of wine.


Autumn in New England wouldn’t be the way it is without experiences such as these. One truly has to venture out to warm the soul, and there’s no better way to start than a visit to Kringle Candle.

Speaking of warming the soul, how about this delicious recipe that is sure to delight guests while you’re bringing the spirit of the season indoors? This pumpkin danish is sure to delight everyone, just as much as the Kringle Candles in your home. Click on the image below for more information.

Happy Autumn!

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