Decorate for fall for less

When it comes to putting your home together for the season, it’s always best to shop around for some of the best deals. After all, most of what we are putting out on display really only stays on display for an average of  2-3 months.

Get those deals!

I took a shopping trip recently to my local Christmas Tree Shops and That! store and was impressed by what I was able to find. Known for their quirky finds at near rock bottom prices, you can truly find what you need to get your home ready for any season.

IMG_5115I absolutey love the simple finds that have some of the brightest features. Bringing the warm colors of the season indoors has always been important to me, so finding vines of gold and orange leaves along with bright center pieces all for under $10 was a true value to me! I especially loved the show towels for the kitchen that brought out the dark reds and golds.

A little pop of color goes a long way, friends!

As a I loaded up my carriage, I started to cringe at how much I may be spending decorating the home. I am known for getting a little too carried away.

Is there really such a thing though?

IMG_5116Fortunately, when I got to the register with my cart now overflowing, I was excited to learn that my grand total only came to a whopping $47.62! I couldn’t have been more pleased with this outcome. Now I had plenty of money left over to spend on that PSL from Starbucks.

Take advantage of the upcoming rainy days that we have with a shopping trip to your local Christmas Tree Shops and That! store. You’ll be amazed by what you find, and even more amazed by those savings.


Time to get shopping!

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