Take the jump and chase your dreams

The Color Run

 You can’t be afraid to fail.

So often we sit around and reflect upon what it is that we are doing with our lives and sometimes question a lot of our current strategies.

We dream of days where we no longer work in cubicle farms but rather days living out our passions instead. There aren’t many of us who really ever wanted to work in a cubicle farm when we grew up, but it happened regardless.

Why is that?

Well, for starters, it deals with the inability and fear of chasing our dreams. We rather settle for what seems easier which is applying to some minimal paying job in the rat race because it’s a guaranteed income.

The problem, however, is that our dreams are still sitting there. In the corner. You know, just waving at us everyday as we stare at our computer screens punching in numbers or taking phone calls from people we really don’t want to hear from.

They’re watching us.

Our dreams, the ones we want but feel we can’t have are literally watching us live out our lives the wrong way. They’re not going to tell you how to achieve them. You have to constantly work for what it is that you really want in life because otherwise you’re just going to keep having your dreams watch you as you sit in that uncomfortable chair that you really don’t want to be sitting in.

Chase your dreams.

No one has time to sit around doing what they really don’t want to be doing with their lives. We’ve all been put here to accomplish something, and that something isn’t inside of a cubicle farm. It is becoming a writer, a comedian, an astronaut, or whatever it is that you wish to be!

Be who you want to be!

This life wasn’t meant to live out others dreams. You have your own dreams to accomplish. Don’t let them sit there and take a back seat. Don’t let them continue to sit there waving at you in the corner. You need to achieve what you were put here to do.

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