Bombfell makes it easy for any guy to style up

While searching for new clothes to layer my fall style with recently, I stumbled upon an awesome new way to shop for clothing, and it doesn’t include the hassle of driving to the mall!

Malls. Don’t get me wrong. I love to window shop. When it’s about twenty degrees outside, I rather window shop online and wait for what I want to come to my doorstep.

I’m such a millennial.

Bombfell is a hot new way for guys to get the best of the runway delivered to your door, but with a twist. Hand picked items by dedicated stylists who are constantly working behind the scenes to get to your best fit and style means that you’ll always get the best look that’s just right for you.

My first box arrived a few short days ago after I signed up on their mobile app. No charges are billed until you decide what you enjoy and want to keep during your 7 day try on period. (That’s a pretty nice sum of time.)

IMG_5926With my first box in hand, I was ready to dig right into it. Inside, a couple of button down shirts, a leather belt, and a gorgeous new sweater to help me stay warm when the climate here in the northeast has other plans. All of what was picked for me by my personal stylist, Marie, was picked to ensure that I was able to layer the sweater with the rest of the contents in the box.

What a great concept!

While Bombfell ensures that you’re going to love what you get, they do admit that the first couple of boxes you receive may have items that don’t neccesarily fit so snug as your personal stylist works to get your fit just right.

I’m patient. No complaints!

I absolutely fell in love with the sweater. The texture was something I had been looking for to layer over a plaid shirts. The light brown leather belt was an added bonus and to my surprise, it matched a pair of shoes I had recently purchased.

I have become instantly sold with Bombfell.

As a short guy, it’s often difficult to be able to find the right size for me. Over the past few months, I have been starting to shy away from the kids department. That look no longer fits my 30 year old self!

I’m so excited for my next box to arrive, which I have been tracking and should be on it’s way later this week. I wonder what surprises my stylist has in store for me next?

Actually, it’s no surprise at all. Bombfell lets you see what’s arriving via the app before it even arrives. If you decide you don’t like what is coming your way, you have the option to choose other items.

Shopping has never been so easy.

For more information, click here.

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