How to dress for your next ski trip

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With the cold weather on the east coast causing such a major drag lately, it is certainly no wonder so many of us are cooped up inside. I mean, would you really expect for anyone to willingly walk outside when the temperature is like NEGATIVE?

Not quite.

There are those of us, however, that embrace the cold and look forward to what it brings every year. Take skiing for example. You can’t exactly go skiing in the summer, so you must go skiing when temperatures plummet. In New England, we are no strangers to plummeting temperatures. So, how exactly does one survive a frigid escape to their nearest ski resort, you ask?


Oh, and then add on some more layers. Think of one like a bundled up eskimo. A big puffy eskimo skiing down the icy slopes of the east. It’s quite the sight to see.

There are those of us that prefer not to dress in hideous layers as we have grown accustom to the temperatures and dress more appropriately for the occasion. No, I’m not talking about t-shirts and shorts! I’m talking about the right kinds of layers. Those puffy coats actually just won’t do the trick.

Here’s a little compilation I’ve put together on all the necessities of keeping warm when the weather has other plans.

Base layers.

61rKDgffw0L._SL1500_-59754b560d327a00117dfe2fBe sure to pick out a layer that will transport moisture and perspiration away from the skin, not attract it. A good base layer is usually made up of polypropylene or merino wool. I always recommend Under Armour but there are several brands to choose from that will layer up the whole body.


Next up, your mid-layer. This is usually made up of a nice fleece or soft shell and is used as an insulating layer between your outer layer and your base layer. There is sometimes nothing wrong with a good L.L. Bean vest to do the trick!

Ski jacket & pants

omniHeatYou can’t forget the essentials here. Perhaps your most valuable layer is your outer shell to protect you against all elements. All season long I love the Columbia brand as they have rolled out a particular line of jackets and pants catered to skiers called Omni Heat which is designed to keep you warm and toasty while keeping those brisk breezes as bay.


Ski socks, gloves, hat

These are the very goods that  keep you warm. Try to choose gear that won’t retain moisture whenever possible. Retaining moisture will only make you colder. Remember this!


Don’t hit a tree. If you do, you have this hopefully nice snug fitting protective layer helping to keep all the screws in your head rightfully attached. DO NOT FORGET THE HELMET! No, you cannot wear a bicycle helmet.

So, don’t let the winter blues get you down. There’s plenty of opportunities available out on the slopes of New England. Just dress the part, and you’ll have yourself a grand ol’ time.

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