So long, 2017! The new year needs to bring human compassion to the table

As 2017 draws to a close, I reflect on the year in so many ways.  It truly was a banner year in terms of personal and professional growth. I don’t think I could be any more satisfied with how the year has progressed, and how it is now closing out.

The year of you.

In the beginning of the year, I labeled this year as “The year of you” as a way to empower and motivate all of us to see ourselves in a different light while getting back to our roots and becoming our true selves.  Do you know how critical that is to our successes in life? It is absolutely imperative to just be ourselves. We so often try to keep up with others that we forget the core of who we really are.

This was the year to be who you want to be.

Looking back, I manifested one heck of a year. I kicked off 2017 on a snowmobile which I’ve never done before in my life, and let me tell you I felt like such a kid again. I actually felt alive. I knew I needed more of this in my life, so when they calling came in to take on a job that required me to spend more time away from home and more time on the road exploring new adventures, I instantly said yes. I knew I not only needed to continue to embrace the feeling of being alive again, but also the feeling of constant change. When you’re stagnant for too long, you become so unchallenged and that is exactly what I left behind in 2016 and wasn’t about to carry into 2017.

With my new job came added responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities I hadn’t experienced since leaving my prior management position in 2013 so it was indeed a hurdle for me to jump right back into it after for being in a sales environment for a few years. They say practice makes perfect, and while I haven’t quite perfected it yet, I have certainly adapted to the change and overcame obstacles I faced along the way. All of which have made me a much stronger person in my personal life, though perhaps that has also come with age! As the year progressed, I felt more and more in charge of my life and somehow felt the notion to tell it like it is all the time. I’m told this happens in your thirties. God bless me at forty then!

As 2017 drew to a close, I felt I had accomplished so much! I had made an enormous turn around in all aspects of life. Something was still missing, however. I had made all these leaps and bounds that something fell off the radar. I had forgotten to seek out a relationship. WHAT! How could I forget to have a partner in life to share all of this with?


Yes, it certainly felt like a crisis. In fact, when I realized this and looked back at the amount of people I brushed off, I admit I moped for weeks. It was as if I was going through some sort of depression. I kept looking around at my home that I have put together so nicely that I suddenly sat here realizing that it’s so really nice to look at, but I’m the only damn person looking at it!

Oh, I was indeed in crisis mode until it hit me that I’m still quite a young chap at the ripe age of 31 and I have many years ahead of me to find a partner in this lifetime. I had to reject the notion that I needed someone in my life simply because everyone else had their someone. Well, congratulations to the rest of you who all have your someone. This was my year to focus on myself, the reinvention of myself, and ensure that I’m partner ready for 2018.

So, 2018….

If 2017 was “The year of you” then 2018 is being labeled as “The year of togetherness” and that involves so many things. For starters, have you seen the shape of the world today? We’re all at each others throats! It’s time to put those differences aside and realize that we need to foster our friendships better, and we need to find the right people for our lives. All too often we let the wrong people into our lives and they end up crashing there for an extended period of time only for us to wake up and realize how toxic they are to our own personal growths.


Harnessing the power of the right people. That’s the togetherness that we need in 2018. Personally that means a couple of things. For starters, a deep dive into my current friendships and which ones I need to pay closer attention to. Secondly, as mentioned above I’m still a single man so my 2018 goal will be to manifest a partner now that I have my life to where I want it to be.

Let’s embark on a wonderful journey. Let’s make 2018 the year stop the bickering, put our political differences aside, and realize that as fellow humans it is time to be there for one another. Let’s also embark on a journey to bring together families, put aside the mobile devices at the dinner tables and embrace conversations.

It’s time to live your best year ever.

Happy New Year!

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