Traveling to Vegas

Let’s talk about Vegas.

I’ve never been to the city of paradise before. As I flew over Lake Mead in Nevada looking down from my Delta flight, I began to notice a metropolis. I kept insisting to myself that that it couldn’t be Vegas. I mean, for so many years, I had envisioned Las Vegas being nothing but one big strip of casinos within a sprawling desert.

Flying over Lake Mead

Well, wasn’t I just wrong.

Las Vegas is actually one big city within a sprawling desert. The lights of the houses and businesses could go on for miles until they eventually ran into one of the many mountains that seems to keep the city enclosed. Vegas is indeed a place that needs to be checked off of everyones bucket list. It’s not at all what you think it is. This place is the gem of the west coast, and it’s no wonder why millions of people flock here per year.

Let’s back up just one step, however. I want you to keep in mind that this trip was one that has been on my bucket list for years. Nothing was going to stop me. Not even an east coast blizzard. In fact, on the day I was scheduled to fly out, a major Nor’easter struck the northeast. Go figure. You better BELIEVE I rescheduled my flight for the earliest time possible and was able to have the last flight out of Connecticut with an in flight crowd cheering as plows led the way to take off.

Thanks, Bradley International!

Yup. Nothing was stopping me.

Once in Vegas, I met up with Kristen Colapinto, The Social Vixen, my friend and longtime fellow blogger once I got on the ground. As always, she was more than happy to lend a hand and already had picked up my bag from the baggage terminal before I could get there myself. We were both super excited to see each other and could hardly wait for our countless adventures to begin. We had an entire agenda planned from day one right on through until my last day which totaled about nine days. That’s a lot of time to be spend in Vegas, luckily though we wouldn’t be spending it all here.

Prior to the trip, we planned out our adventures. Much of which were hiking trails that surrounded the Las Vegas area as well as visiting some super cool tourist attractions and even some skiing! (You’ll totally get more on all of that in another blog.)

Once we settled into the car, it was time for a quick visit through the strip via the highway thanks to a wrong turn (but it was so worth it!!). I immediately took note of just how clean and new everything looked. The highways were even without bumps, a far cry from what we are used to in the northeast. One pothole and you may as well make sure you have your helmet on while driving so you don’t hit your head.

Vegas was a wonderland. The view from her apartment once we arrived was by all accounts absolutely stunning. We were overlooking the strip and were able to see a good majority of the casinos. These were much bigger in person, and certainly a lot more beautiful. We spent a chunk of Friday afternoon wandering the strip and getting to check out the casinos. My favorite was certainly Caesars Palace with it’s immersive sculptures and it’s gorgeous shopping destination that makes you feel as though you’re outside. I’m sure there are other casinos that are even more attractive, but this one just felt like it was a step back to the medevial times. A time period of which I’ve always enjoyed.

Walking the strip was totally cool. We were able to do and see so much. There were plenty of people who were partying and living life as if there weren’t a care in the world. I wanted to be just like them, though not on this trip. This trip was specifically intended to be almost alcohol free as it were to be a trip of adventure and discovery of the west.

The journey was just getting started. To be continued….

IMG_6364 2

(Editors note: The West Coast Adventure is a six part elevated series. This column is currently part two in the series. It is meant to reflect a journey and to have the reader travel along through the columns. We hope that you’re enjoying the journey!)

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