Hiking Las Vegas

The trip to Vegas was so much fun, but do you know what was even more fun? Being able to venture outside of the strip. You know, totally getting away from the hustle and bustle of a rushed environment and really being able to explore the desert southwest. It had been years since I’ve been to this part of the country. The last time I was in Nevada was for a three day bowling tournament in Reno spent with family while I was eight years old. There was no time for adventure back then.

Today, as a thirty one year old man, the adventures live strong. I always say, a life without a little adventure is really a life that is not well lived. A rich life is one that constitutes more than just money. A rich life is one jam packed with experiences.

So, after some time spent in lovely Las Vegas, it was time for The Social Vixen and I to go off on some excursions in the desert. I had seen many photos on her Instagram of all the hikes she had been on, so obviously I just could NOT wait to go on some myself.

IMG_1568Our first hike started off in a place called Red Rock Canyon which was located just due south of the city proper. It’s a place that is, well, all red rock. It was such a stunning environment to see in person. The rocks glistened as the sun beat on them and brought out such a vivid color. Our hike through the canyon brought us first up a steep incline where were then able to view a little part of the strip. How neat! After our initial incline, we paused briefly for a quick breath and boy was it needed. We caught up with some fellow hikers who kept on pointing to the top of the ridge line. “Do you see it?” they asked. “See what?” we both wondered. “There are wild billy goats up there on that ridge line. Quite a few of them!” one of the hikers exclaimed.


We were both awe struck at the pure sight. We are both from the northeast so any wildlife viewing opportunties were certainly a treat.

After spending about ten minutes snapping countless pictures of the pack, it was time to move on. We carved our way through the canyon making our way past countless red boulders and eventually into some flat lands where we decided to stop off and eat our packed lunch as well as heat up some good old fashioned coffee. After all, who doesn’t  need a caffeine jolt after a long hike.

After about a good hour or so, we eventually came to the end of our first hike. I remember thinking to myself that I just could not wait to continue on to more adventures.

Well, that’s exactly what Kristen had in mind for us. 

The next day we awoke early to set off on a nine mile hike with some of her hiking friends to a place known as “The Muffins” by many locals due to in large part by its towering boulders at the top shaped like, well, muffins.

The hike was a loop hike with many inclines and declines. The first part of the way reminded me of my hike this past summer to Mount Washington in New Hampshire with it’s steep incline without many trees. Once at the top, we were treated to a wonderful view of Las Vegas off into the distance. This is a view often not seen by many tourists, many of which come specifically just to gamble in club. I enjoy this part of Vegas!


Our hike did not come without adventure, however. In the west, trails are not properly marked as they are in the northeast with their paintings on the trees. In the desert, there are no trees! Our nine mile hike turned into an eleven mile hike due to one wrong turn.


The adventure was all part of the fun, of course. We all enjoyed every bit of it.

By the end of the hike, we got to thinking of what to do with our extra day that we had to play around with. We would leave for Lake Tahoe on Monday morning to set off for our skiing adventure. We all looked at each other and agreed another hike was definitely meant to be enjoyed.

You won’t believe the journey we had on our next big hike. It was one that we almost had to back down on. What happened? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

To be continued…..

(Editors note: The West Coast Adventure is a six part elevated series. This column is currently part three in the series. It is meant to reflect a journey and to have the reader travel along through the columns. We hope that you’re enjoying the journey!)

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