How to travel stress free

I’m often asked how I cope with the amount of traveling that I do. You’re probably wondering why I’m using the word cope, aren’t you?

Well, travel is exhausting.

There’s no two ways about it. The moment you’re checked in somewhere, unpack your bags and get settled in, you now have to pack it all up again just to hit the road and make your life cozy elsewhere. To top all that off, now you have to factor in the travel time which is even more exhausting. If you’re driving, theres a drive time involved. Mass transit? Travel time plus the constricting schedules of layovers and departures.

Travel can be a chore. 

So, what does one do to help cope with it all?

97e1bba46beb6f8c59c909f7e47ae38dFirst and foremost, it’s always important to keep your cool. If you’re not calm, cool, collective during your adventures, you’re going to have a rough time at ensuring you have a level head enough to actually enjoy your time. One of the things that I enjoy doing the most is to level out with music. It’s important to put on my “Chill” playlist which is music that helps me stay focused while mellowing me out enough. You’re playlist doesn’t necessarily have to be a chill playlist, but it should help you to have a level head.

Second, prepare ahead of time! There is nothing worse than packing the day before or even the day OF just to realize that you forgot your deodorant. Well, you’re not going to smell too fresh when you’re scheduled to leave in thirty minutes. Now you’re fretting. You’re stress level now has suddenly gone through the roof. The chill music playlist isn’t going to help you smell fresh either, buddy.

what-pack-ultimate-travel-packing-checklist-1505341279Prepare a list of exactly what you need at least a week out. In doing so, you’re able to go down through the checklist and pack everything that you need as you go along. The fine folks over at Eagle Creek have put over this amazing list that I absolutely treasure. Once your checklist is complete, you can now coast into ease that your travel will go just as planned. Grab a Bloody Mary.

Speaking of alcohol, don’t over do it! It will actually further add to your anxiety. 

So, now that you know how to have a clear mind going into travel, how does one actually get to enjoy it? Well, don’t overthink it! If you overthink things, you end up complicating them anyways. Studies have shown this to be a proven fact. Just enjoy the ride. You’ll get to your destination when you get to it and when you do you’ll end up loving everything about it. You really have to go into travel with a positive mindset because if not, you’re destined to ruin the entire experience.

Don’t ruin your travel experience!

The best part of travel truly is the adventure itself. You never really know what will happen along the way or what you will discover that you didn’t necessarily plan on so enjoy every moment of it.



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