Skiing Lake Tahoe

The trip to the desert southwest was so worth it, in every sense of the word. It was a world I’ve never seen before and had a continued look of awe in my face almost the entire time. Even with how much beauty surrounded me from all angles, I was ready to move on to the next adventure.

Lake Tahoe.

It was to be a whole other experience for me in terms of skiing. I’ve only ever dreamed about skiing the west. I’ve heard so many great things about the beautiful deep powder that enchanted the landscape. As a skier on the east coast, I’ve grown accustom to ice skiing. This was a whole new world!

We continued our adventure to the Tahoe region after our stop in Death Valley. As we continued to gain elevation gain, the more remarkable the landscape had become.  We had made the transition from sandy desert to a more lush landscape with farms and mountains, we even had the opportunity to see wild cattle. WILD CATTLE!


Through our drive, much of the adventure was very dry when it comes to civilization. Most of the towns held a population of less than 100. Much of the drive, however, you wouldn’t even know civilization existed as you felt you were on another planet.

After at least several more hours of driving up from the desert, we finally discovered snow through a mountain pass which had an elevation gain of nearly 8,000 feet. Signs were flashing to ensure we had chains on our tires. We totally did not! Fortunately for us, the weather ended up being nothing that we couldn’t handle and were able to drive straight through the pass with a breeze, though we did stop off at a local gas station just beyond to buy chains just in case we ran into the situation again.


After a few more hours, however, we finally arrived to Lake Tahoe and it was surely a great feeling to arrive to civilization. We immediately arrived to our hotel to unpack our bags and to check out from the long drive. We were exhausted. Some rest was certainly needed as we would be venturing onto skiing come the morning.

Come the morning, I’m not sure if we got any sleep. We were both super excited to be skiing this beast.  Upon review of the weather conditions, we were ready to go.

I opted not to bring along my personal skis to this trip as I had a fear they would only be able to handle the icy slopes back home, also the lugging of skis through air travel is kind of a chaotic mess. I ordered my rentals online, and picked them up in store that morning. What a wonderful concept this was! My skis were fitted and waiting for me. Thanks for the added luxury there, Tahoe.

Soon after, we embarked on our journey up the mountain by way of the gondola. I was immediately impressed at just how swift it carried the amount of people journeying to the top. Along the way, we were greeted by stunning views of the surrounding mountains and soon after the gorgeous lake for which the area is known for, but the best was yet to come which would greet us as we arrived to the summit of Heavenly Resort.

The views were almost endless as they were breathtaking.



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Our first day was greeted with cloud cover which was absolutely perfect. It was a wonderful feeling to feel as though you were skiing high above the clouds. Heavenly! (See what I did there.)

We spent three glorious days on the mountain and each of them were all different. This experience was certainly incredible remarkable as an east coaster since we don’t have mountains that are quite to this extent back home.

On the first day we explored most of the California side of the mountain. Heavenly mountain is a mountain that is divided in two by two states; California and Nevada. The California side was greeted by some wonderful sunshine on day one while on day two the Nevada side was greeted by some gusty winds and cloud cover. The skiing conditions on either side were nothing short of spectacular! While there wasn’t the absolute dream powder that I had seen in movies thanks to a bit of a dry spell in the west, there was certainly enough good snow to meet the needs.

We spent a lot of the second day skiing in the trees and attacking moguls. The winds were quite aggressive so we did our best to hide from the elements in the woods rather than the great open ski trails. The woods were such an epic treat. The powder was even deeper than expected, in fact it was so deep that I may have sank in at one point wait deep! If you’re an east coaster, you know that’s not very common.



The third day on the slopes we were greeted by rays of sunshine. It was as if someone upstairs knew it was our last day and we had to be showered by warm rays of the sun. The powder was soft, the conditions were unbeatable. At one point, it was raining so far north that we were able to witness a rainbow. It was the happy ending to what was the perfect mountain vacation.

My time out west was perhaps one of the best vacations I’ve endured. It has inspired me to continue traveling and to continue seeing new places. In fact, the journey has inspired me so much that my new mission is to venture to one new place each month of the year and I’ve already started comping a list. More to come on all that in another blog post. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for as we live out each day to the fullest and with unlimited potentials.

Make the most of your life.

That, my friends, is a wrap of my west coast adventure. (Editors note: The West Coast Adventure is a six part elevated series. This column is currently part six in the series. It is meant to reflect a journey and to have the reader travel along through the columns. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey!)

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