Connecticut’s newest winery offers classic New England charm

Have you ever stepped into a business establishment and just felt right at home?

That’s the feeling you get when you arrive at Connecticut’s newest winery to sprout up, Crystal Ridge in South Glastonbury. A snap to reach from just about anywhere in the greater Hartford region, Crystal Ridge certainly prides itself on it’s humble countryside roots, as well as it’s delectable locally grown wine.

A short drive through scenic country roads and sitting atop a hill that overlooks the Connecticut valley, this winery is certainly not one to miss for it’s country charm and sprawling views of the Connecticut countryside. Once you arrive, you’ll immediately discover what makes this place so unique.


Upon arrival at the end of a country road, this bucolic New England winery charms you with it’s log cabin like structure amongst the vines of the vineyard that it overlooks. Once inside, you’re immediately greeted by humble staff that is eager to entertain you just like a neighbor. The charm extends to the interior with it’s rustic touches to give it a true New England farmhouse feel.

There’s more to to this winery than just it’s charm, however. The wines are certainly the selling point here, and it all started with a passion for winemaking way back in 2004 when a hobby for the love of wine was born. Through the years, the passion turned into a business venture as wines were distributed to nearby restaurants and package stores as a means to keep everything as local as possible. Today, the wines are no longer sold in restaurants and package stores but rather right at the winery itself as a means to bring more locals together in an inviting environment.





In the tasting room, you are offered two tasting options which include an Estate selection or a Reserve selection. The Reserve selection are mostly aged reds and their taste pairs well with any dinner entree. The Estate option is a blend of whites and reds and is certainly one of my favorite options. Two wines in particular out of this category stuck out. The Vignoles is a 2015 white blend that is a sweet sipping wine, perfect for any summer day. The Landot Noir is certainly a second choice as a 2014 aged red blend with hints of black pepper and oregano. Of course, each persons palette is certainly different, so one must be sure to try all wines available to hone in on your personal favorite.

Visiting this vineyard is a treat for anyone looking for a little escape for the day during the weekend. Open Saturdays and Sundays, don’t miss out on your chance for a little rest and relaxation in the countryside while enjoying the tastes of fine wines made locally right here in Connecticut.

For more information, visit Crystal Ridge on Instagram.

Winery Rating: 4 out of 5.

(We rated this winery a 4 out of 5 since it is still fairly new and has only recently opened as of 2018. We expect it will become a 5 out of 5 in no time as it continues to grow it’s business.)

Visit to network and partner with New England’s very own Libations Strategist. The Local Libationist is proud to support all of the regions local wineries, breweries, and distilleries.



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