Cellardoor Winery is a best kept secret in Maine


A state very far north in the eastern United States is best known for its blueberries and good potato crops, but did you know it’s also home to some pretty good libations? Not only does it have some of the most popular IPA’s this side of the Mississippi, but it also has some darn good tasting wine.

Did I mention blueberries were a thing here? Yeah. So much so they capitalize that on making blueberry wine. Totally genius if you ask me, and you better believe its pretty darn good stuff. With a shorter than average growing season due to its colder temperatures, Maine isn’t typically known for harvesting the best grapes on the planet.

Which, is totally fine.

Any state that can bottle up blueberries and turn it into alcohol is doing just fine in my books. Talk about a decadent desert.

30725006_10155897154995129_4041921790988223063_nMy partner and I recently stumbled upon a winery in Portland. This wasn’t your typical winery. There was no farm and there were certainly no views other than a parking lot, but that was also okay! What counts the most is how a winery delivers the experience and how satisfying their wines are.

Located in a transformed mill building, Cellardoor Winery in Portland delivers on the expectations of its guest. Its rustic, yet overly charming and elegant tasting room, isn’t quite something you’d expect to see. With its granite countertops, gorgeous chandeliers, and even large pink plush chairs and a dining room, it’s no wonder as to why this has quickly become one of Portland’s best kept secrets.

On the day that we went, we were treated to a marvelous wine tasting followed by a surprise food and wine pairing in the early evening. The food was complete with seafood sliders that were brought in by the chef of a local food truck company, Fishin’ Chips, which also served up a delicious lemon sorbet paired with the delicious Treasure wine which is 90% Maine blueberries and 10% Maine maple syrup.

Food & Wine Pairing. Photo Credit: Cellardoor Winery

Nothing short of amazing.

We certainly had ourselves a wicked good time at this winery (wait, did I just use the word wicked?) and we couldn’t have been anymore pleased with the selection of wines. A complete surprise, we not only ended up spending a good five hours at this winery, we even made a couple of friends who joined us for more libations later in the evening.

Winery Rating: 5 out of 5.

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