DINE: New restaurant along the Connecticut River offers up a trendy experience

Connecticut has had a lot of new dining destinations lately.

They’re popping up just about everywhere, and we could not be more excited about that! After all, it’s always great when you get the ability to stop in and review.

River: A Waterfront Restaurant & Bar located in Wethersfield is certainly making a name for itself in its short time since opening its doors. Located smack dat along side of the Connecticut River, the views are unparalleled and so too are the delicious drinks. This is sure to be one of the summer hot spots!

Located on the backside of the CBS office building, this gem is a relatively easy find as you make your way towards the riverside. Complete with a deck, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the warmer days ahead.

Back to the drinks.

IMG_9094Our favorite part here. River has a variety of libations to keep you going long into the evening with friends and family. Their lemonade cocktails will have you fantasizing about the beach in no time. Wine? There is even a variety of wines to choose from to pair with any meal you desire.

Speaking of meals, don’t get too full of of the cocktails. The food is just as good. The perfect portions are served to satisfy any amount of hunger. The pizza is also very much on point, which we totally were not expecting being as this isn’t a traditional Italian restaurant. Kudos!

The ambiance is upscale yet relaxed. Complete with a piano in the dining room overlooking the river, it’s a trendy location to have just about any event. The views of the Connecticut River will also certainly never grow old.

Restaurant Rating: 4 out of 5.

Since this establishment is still new, we expect it to ramp up on expectations, especially during the summer months.

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