Biscuits are rising well in a town that is rising even faster.

Brunch is certainly a culture these days, and if you’re like most you’re starting off your lazy Sundays with biscuits and gravy with bacon over mouth watering mimosas with family and friends.

Doesn’t that make you want it to be Sunday already?

I for one am proud to be part of such an exciting culture. As a foodie, I am constantly on the prowl for new finds that offer a trendy environment but most of all, appetizing food.


I recently stumbled upon this great little place in Biddeford, Maine called Biscuits & Company right in the heart of the quaint downtown district. Biddeford is one of the towns that has been in a slump for a number of years after the mills closed, much like many mill towns across New England, but it is steadily making a comeback. Biscuits & Company is relatively new to town but already quite a hit with locals and tourists alike, and it is truly no wonder as to why. Mouth watering biscuits, exactly what they are known for, top the menu offerings along with a variety of mimosa flavors. Blueberry mimosa? Nothing says welcome to Maine other than blueberries for which the state is proudly known for. In a mimosa? Even better.

On the Sunday we all ventured to Biscuits & Company, the place was abuzz with foot traffic. We waited roughly twenty minutes for a table, but while we waited we were served mimosas to keep us occupied. Nothing says great service like ensuring the customer is satisfied – and of course well nourished while waiting.


Okay, so the food. You know, the best part and probably why you clicked on the article in the first place. Pardon me and my manners for bringing up mimosas first.  Let me first tell you that you’re not going to believe the portions that you’ll get for your money. Scrumptious biscuits and jam on the side with oranges paired with a delectable and savory eggs benedict over a savory biscuit. Now, I must confess one thing also; I normally do not eat an entire plate of food – ever. I almost could not believe with my own eyes that I wiped the plate clean.

I guess you can say, the food was pretty darn good. Either that, or I was wicked hungry, but we’ll go with a combination of both.

Yes, at Biscuits & Company it seems that life is pretty darn good when you’re off to a good start to your day. Of course, there’s more than just Sunday brunches. Food is ample, and so are the days. It seems they’ll never run dry of good biscuits.

Oh, how I hope they never will.

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