A taste of Latin America arrives in Saco

Let’s talk about cute lunch places that offer up amazing recipes and are tucked away in cute little towns for a moment. These hidden gems sometimes bring a lot of value to the table that also somehow go unnoticed as so many people flock to urban areas for food.

As a relatively new scout to the Maine food scene, I’ve been on the prowl.

Just a few miles south of the happening Portland food scene sits the quaint town of Saco. A charming town along the coast that has a beautiful downtown district with shops and restaurants that some people insists really goes unnoticed, much to the likes of Quiero Cafe that offers one hell of an empanada along with a wide variety of other Latin American foods. Rosado smoothie? Check. Pairs quite well with the Pina Empanada if I might add. The Pina empanada is made with pineapple and ham, a personal favorite and my sudden go to on the rather large menu.


Oh, you’ll spend plenty of time relaxing at Quiero, too. The laid back environment complete with a community bench and exposed brick walls makes it an even better place to enjoy those homemade empanadas. You may even get to hear a golden old fashioned espresso machine run every now and then as it brews up Biddeford based Maine Coast Roast coffee, popular with the locals and a far cry from Starbucks, thank goodness.

Okay, now for what you’ve probably been wondering about. Libations.

IMG_0938Yes, Quiero even has a pretty intense selection of libations to enjoy, perfect for a midday adult pick me up. You just can’t have good Latin American food without a tasty margarita. Mango or Fresa? I’ll let you decide.

When it comes to small towns, it’s important to remember the hard working businesses that work to help create the economy. These small businesses are alive and well and sometimes you just need to go off the beaten path and away from the chains to explore what you’re truly missing out on. IMG_8793


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