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Originally posted on A lifetime's exploration:
Wandering the geyser area of Geysir in the Southwest of Iceland is like walking across another world. Steam wisps up from hot pools of perfect turquoise water, puddles bubble away heated by the Earth’s core and huge vents of H20 blast out of the ground every few minutes.…

Originally posted on TribeVibe:
According to Nick Swisher, Monday’s filming of the Tribe’s Harlem Shake video was “Bring your own costume Monday!” And boy did he and his teammates ever. Here is the roster of the downright ridiculous costumes on display in the Tribe Town 216 edition. Parrot: Jason Kipnis (costume courtesy of Vinnie Pestano)…

Originally posted on Broken Light: A Photography Collective:
Photo taken by a woman who has suffered from severe depression. She hopes that by telling her story that she will help fight stigma, and help people to understand things like self-harm that seem so hard to understand. She would also like to help other people suffering…

Summer, Where Are You?

Summer, Where Are You?

There’s no doubt that this has been a long winter for us in New England. The days were cold. The nights were even colder. The snow was, well, let’s not even talk about the snow. The fact of the matter here is, that sometime after forty inches, we grew anxious for spring to come, and … Continue reading

Originally posted on State of Alaska:
Image courtesy of Weighty Winds via           On the seventh day, God created Facebook, and He saw that it was good. Circa 4.6 billion years later, social media experts attempted to isolate and split a single Facebook atom in order to clone its success. The result…

Originally posted on The Runaway Mama:
The other day, Dylan said to me, “Six years ago I was dead.”  We were at the gas station.  I was pumping gas, and Dylan and Riley were hanging out the window. I replied, “No, you weren’t dead.  You just weren’t born yet.” Then he said, “I was dead…

Hope is Given to those in Need

Hope is Given to those in Need

Faith in humanity is restored when stories like this reach the inbox. The sixth annual Starlight Dinner Dance to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will be held this Friday March 8th at The Pontelandolfo Club in Waterbury, CT. Since opening it’s doors back in 1962, the hospital has an average of 260 patients passing … Continue reading

Stress Test Proves My Abnormalities

This past Thursday morning I was brought into the hospital for my stress test. Ever have one? They’re not fun! Not that they’re testing to see if I’m stressed out, I’m not, they brought me in so that they could purposely stress out the heart to see if they could bring on some of the … Continue reading