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“Intrepid blogger” – New York Times

Let’s talk analytics.

Mike Valletta Productions is a website and company designed around the travel & leisure lifestyle. We’ve been around since 2009 working with many different partners and have even had an indirect partnership at one time with The Register Citizen newspaper in Torrington, Connecticut from 2010-2014.

“Register Citizen showcases work of local Torrington blogger focusing on Litchfield Hills” – Register Citizen 2010

From it’s inception, it has had a steady rise in numbers.

2010 469 1.0K 2.2K 2.4K 2.0K 3.2K
2011 5.9K 2.3K 1.7K 1.4K 1.9K 1.6K 1.7K 1.4K 1.1K 1.5K 2.6K 5.2K
2012 1.5K 1.1K 1.1K 815 1.1K 996 973 930 1.1K 1.8K 6.0K 7.1K

Today, the website generates between 4K-6K average views per month with a loyal following.

Follower Totals

  • 16
  • Email 100
  • Social 3,938 
 “Mike Valetta, who blogs about goings-on in the Litchfield Hills, paid us a visit in mid-November and wrote a terrific article about the store.  Mike himself is a dynamo, who travels around Litchfield county in his free time, scouting out businesses and events that make this part of the world a fabulous place to live.  His article, entitled “Classic America is Found in Litchfield County,” captures the essence of H.A. Dunne & Co., and we’re pretty grateful to him for writing about us. ” – H.A. Dunne & Company


 Mike Valletta Productions was born out of a small town community following that eventually grew into what it is today. While we are still growing, we continue to expand our horizons in building a destination for travel & leisure lifestyle enthusiasts. Coming to the table in 2018, video will be at the forefront of the business as traction as has rapidly gained over on our Instagram channel. We’ll be shooting on location utilizing social media apps such as Instagram & Snapchat video as well as integrating Facebook Live events to share in experiences with followers.
” Little man with the BIG Stories. He’s a creative individual that really lets his charm and imagination mesh when it comes to his wonderful articles”Joe Kopler, Freelance artist 

3,452 Fans on Facebook

1,835 Followers on Instagram


1,289 Followers on Twitter

3,265 Followers on Snapchat

As you could see by the numbers, we are an organically grown company. We don’t pay for followers nor would we ever be in the market to do so. Loyalty to the brand is found in the work we do, and we’re excited to partner with you on our next project.

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